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Log Cabin Restoration Volunteers Needed

Please email SCC President Bob Oakes (sterlingcommunityclub@live.com) if you can lend a hand restoring the original old log school house and Post Office. See bottom of Home Page for list of needed repairs.

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Pickleball is sweeping the nation and the  SC Center now offers this fun, low impact, addictive game three times a week. What is Pickleball? It's like tennis but with a large ping pong paddle and whiffle ball. The court is much smaller and you play the game with two people per team. Snowbirds Darrell and Aileen Keifer will be leading this event and say its all the rage in the lower 48. Newbies welcome; watch this video and see what its all about! (See the Calendar for dates and times.)

Morning/Evening Gym Program Volunteer Leaders Needed

The SC Center is looking for folks who want to volunteer at the desk for 3 hour shifts a month, lead an exercise, gym walking, dance, or other event anytime Monday thru Friday mornings in the gym or library.  We also are looking for volunteers to lead Adult/teen basketball or volleyball in the evenings or Men's basketball Saturday mornings. If you have a good idea and are willing to volunteer, call Renae Wall at 262-7224, or e-mail her at sterlingcommunityclub@live.com.